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When my kingdom starts to get big, all of my people get angry and i can't make any profit at all, i think luxury cost is just to high. 5 trade for 1 worker to become content ???!! in my opinion thats way to high! i guess 3 or 2.5 would be more suitable.

Gábor Auth
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We've updated the happiness and angriness calculations based on the Government rules on the Government page.


There seems to be a problem with the way resources are stolen when one player attackes another's city.  You have made it more difficult for the attacker to completely take over the city, which may seem practical at face value. But the problem now is that while the offender is attacking the other's city, large amounts of resources can be drained, not only from the defender's specific city being attacked, but from the defender's entire pool of resources. And because there is no limit to how much the attacker can take in that process from the defender's entire realm of cities, there ends up being a situation where the defender can not recover, and the opposer can actually keep attacking the city(s) until all of the resources of the defender's entire realm is drained to nothing.

There needs to be change to where the stolen resources are drained only from the city(s) being attacked.  At least, there must be a way where the defender can cut his losses and move on.  Otherwise the defender sits out the rest of the game trying to recover, or just walks away, frustrated and motivated to seek revenge in the next game(s).

And, by the way, one method to add to the design is a way for a defender to give a city up without a fight, or a way for anyone to simply Disband one or more of thier cities. This is helpful both for the situation descibed above as well as for other situations. One being that after a player has been in the game for awhile and realizes an advantage to keeping the empire smaller, especially with certain governments, a way can be found to reduce their number of cities.

Either way, there needs to be a way for a player to evacuate and abandon a city either for political, strategic, or practical reasons. I have seen this allowed for in other versions of this game, for very practical reasons. In real life this is done either in times of war, or during economic depression.

What are your thoughts on this? Can it be done?