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About us

Here comes the Golden Age of Civilizations, a time-based MMO strategy game, mostly based on the FreeCiv, inspired by, but not following the classic games of the genre, such as Age of Empires, Civilization and Rise of Nations; mixed up with MMO capability and flavored with the best parts of other good online games.

What is it?

I have a dream: I'm going to create an MMO strategy game! :)

The players can move or act with their units on the map, build new cities and units, build and improve resources nearby their cities and facilities in their cities. The improved resource (farmland, forest, mine, ...) gives more production to the nearby city and the improved facilities (barrack, wall, court, ...) give more power to the player's units and cities.

The game is semi-turn-based, each unit type has a different time to next move or act after the previous action.

The players will choose technologies to research to improve their cities and units and allow to build new units or facilities. You will earn technology points and you can improve your technology point income by improve facilities in your cities and improve resources nearby your cities.

The players can initiate negotiations with the neighborhoods, so that you have the decision to declare war, make peace, remain neutral or organize an empire with them. Each empire has a government type (despotism, monarchy, republic, ...), so that the suitable players will be officers in the government of own empire.

Would you like to try it?

I have not finished yet, it runs only in browsers and Android cell phones. I want to release early and release often, so the current version is very simple, but the feature set is growing week-to-week!

What is it technically?

I started working on my game on spring of 2014. I researched the possibly best architecture based on cutting edge technologies and industrial best practices, it is scalable vertically (better and bigger hardware) and horizontally (more hardware).

What do you get?

The game will go to production with freemium model, the players can join free and play free, but they can pay for features and benefits. What features and benefits? I don't know currently (really!).

And you can adopt a feature, a bug or an improvement!

So, I have a dream... one day I will publish this game... please help me! :)

Yes! You can help!

Please support it, donate it, test it, share it on social networks, share your opinions with me, discuss about the game with your friends... :)


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