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First Android application

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Our first Android application is on the Google Play! :)



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I just loaded the game Golden Age CIV. I have thought about what things make these games interesting, here are a few. These are textural elements, the mind is familiar with. These games are more interesting with these mental cues that allow a more immersive experience. B

Clanging steel of course its a war out there. Let me feel that vibration in my hand as the swords strike i feel that sound in my hand.

Smoke that I can smell.

Crackling fires with real flames and embers. 

Sounds of arrows flying so close they nick my ear. Bullets leave a bullet holes in my earlobes. Aryillery sounds incoming rounds, the sounds of trees exploding snapping in two. Sparks crackling zinging shrapnell flying clicking off my helmet.

Wood and stone and metal textures I can feel by looking at them.

I have three sensory imputs in these games.

I can see, hear, also I can feel. The phone vibrates. The feel is being overlooked by game developers. There are more textural elements that allows the mind to feel by sight or sound. The rumbling of a tank can be felt in the palm of your hand. 

Thanks for your time. I will go play your game now.

Virgil Heuer