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14. FAQ

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Q: Why we have in lifetime countdown?

A: First, it is a test version of the game.

Second, we are working with two week long development cycle (Agile Scrum), so that we will archive the previous game state and create a new empty database with the latest scheme at the end of the last cycle. It would be too much effort to create migration scripts from the old scheme to the new scheme and, at the same time, support all released client versions from the beginning.

Third, right now, the game does not contain any "flavor" of the genre (city improvements and buildings, science and technologies, various unit types, money, resources and taxes, etc.), so we think it is boring after one or two weeks and the minimum target of the game is a time limited (eg.: two week long) championship with leader boards (number of cities, number of units, number of attack points, number of defense points, etc.). This time period will be extended as the number of the features grows.


When will we not have a count down?