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2. Technologies

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Through the game you and your opponents will race to discover ever more powerful technologies, which enhance your own civilizations while menacing those of each other. A few advances provide immediate benefits, such as making new actions available to your units; many introduce new units or buildings you can construct; and most are also gateways to further technology. Beware that some advances also make things obsolete. While obsolete units merely become impossible to make — leaving the ones you have already made intact — obsolete buildings are immediately sold, and obsolete wonders lose their effect. Worse yet, your wonders can be obsolete by an advance made by another player!

There are a few ways to gain science points from other civilizations: you will gain science points when you capture a city; you can steal science points with Diplomats and Spies; and another player might grant technology in the terms of a pact. But otherwise, advances must be discovered through the efforts of your own people.

By default, each player starts without any technology at all. Research progress is measured in science points, which can be generated both through trade and by scientists. The cost for each technology is fixed and depends on the number of its 'parent techs'.

Points Requirements Allows Obsoletes
Bronze Alphabet 20 - - -
Bronze Bronze Working 20 - Phalanx, Colossus -
Bronze Ceremonial Burial 20 - Temple -
Bronze Horseback Riding 20 - Horsemen -
Bronze Masonry 20 - City Walls, Palace, Great Wall, Pyramids -
Bronze Pottery 20 - Granary, Workers, Hanging Gardens -
Bronze Warrior Code 20 - Archers -
Bronze Code of Laws 30 Alphabet Courthouse -
Bronze Currency 30 Bronze Working Marketplace -
Iron Map Making 30 Alphabet Trireme, Lighthouse -
Iron Mysticism 30 Ceremonial Burial Oracle -
Iron The Wheel 30 Horseback Riding Chariot -
Iron Writing 30 Alphabet Library, Diplomat -
Iron Iron Working 60 Bronze Working, Warrior Code Legion -
Iron Mathematics 60 Alphabet, Masonry Catapult -
Iron Polytheism 60 Ceremonial Burial, Horseback Riding - -
Iron Construction 100 Currency, Masonry Aqueduct, Colosseum -
Iron Monarchy 100 Ceremonial Burial, Code of Laws - -
Exploration Seafaring 100 Map Making, Pottery Harbour, Explorer -
Exploration Literacy 150 Code of Laws, Writing Great Library -
Exploration Trade 200 Code of Laws, Currency Caravan, Marco Polo's Embassy -
Exploration Astronomy 250 Mathematics, Mysticism Copernicus' Observatory -
Exploration Feudalism 300 Monarchy, Warrior Code Pikemen, Sun Tzu's War Academy Phalanx, Warriors
Exploration Engineering 350 Construction, The Wheel King Richard's Crusade -
Exploration Bridge Building 400 Construction, Iron Working - -
Exploration Philosophy 450 Literacy, Mysticism - -
Exploration The Republic 500 Code of Laws, Literacy - -
Exploration Chivalry 750 Feudalism, Horseback Riding Knights Chariot, Horsemen
Exploration Navigation 800 Astronomy, Seafaring Caravel, Magellan's Expedition Trireme
Exploration Invention 1,200 Engineering, Literacy Leonardo's Workshop -
Exploration Monotheism 1,250 Philosophy, Polytheism Cathedra, Michelangelo's Chapel -
Exploration University 1,250 Mathematics, Philosophy University -
Exploration Banking 1,500 The Republic, Trade Bank -
Exploration Medicine 2,000 Philosophy, Trade Shakespeare's Theatre -
Exploration Physics 2,500 Literacy, Navigation - -
Gunpowder Gunpowder 3,000 Invention, Iron Working Barracks II, Coastal Defense, Musketeers Barracks, Archers, Legion, Pikemen
Gunpowder Theory of Gravity 3,500 Astronomy, University Isaac Newton's College -
Gunpowder Theology 4,000 Feudalism, Monotheism J.S. Bach's Cathedral Oracle
Gunpowder Sanitation 4,500 Engineering, Medicine Sewer System -
Gunpowder Magnetism 5,000 Physics, Iron Working Frigate, Galleon Caravel, Lighthouse
Gunpowder Chemistry 5,500 Medicine, University - -
Gunpowder Democracy 7,500 Banking, Invention Statue of Liberty -
Gunpowder Economics 7,500 Banking, University Stock Exchange, Adam Smith's Trading Company -
Gunpowder Leadership 10,000 Chivalry, Gunpowder Dragoons Knights
Gunpowder Steam Engine 10,000 Invention, Physics Ironclad, Eiffel Tower Frigate
Gunpowder Metallurgy 12,500 Gunpowder, University Cannon Catapult, Great Wall
Gunpowder Atomic Theory 15,000 Physics, Theory of Gravity - -
Gunpowder Railroad 25,000 Bridge Building, Steam Engine Darwin's Voyage Hanging Gardens
Gunpowder Explosives 25,000 Chemistry, Gunpowder Engineers Workers
Industrial Electricity 40,000 Magnetism, Metallurgy Destroyer Ironclad, Great Library
Industrial Conscription 50,000 Democracy, Metallurgy Riflemen Musketeers
Industrial Industrialization 75,000 Railroad, Banking Factory, Transport, Women's Suffrage Galleon
Industrial Refrigeration 100,000 Electricity, Sanitation Supermarket -
Industrial Tactics 125,000 Conscription, Leadership Alpine troops, Cavalry Dragoons
Industrial Communism 150,000 Industrialization, Philosophy Police Station, United Nations Marco Polo's Embassy
Industrial The Corporation 175,000 Economics, Industrialization Freight Caravan
Modern Steel 250,000 Electricity, Industrialization Cruiser -
Modern Amphibious Warfare 350,000 Navigation, Tactics Port Facility, Marines -
Modern Espionage 400,000 Communism, Democracy Spy Diplomat
Modern Genetic Engineering 450,000 Medicine, The Corporation Cure For Cancer -
Modern Refining 500,000 Chemistry, The Corporation Power Plant -
Modern Electronics 550,000 Electricity, The Corporation Hydro Plant, Hoover Dam -
Modern Guerilla Warfare 750,000 Communism, Tactics Partisan Explorer
Modern Combustion 1,000,000 Explosives, Refining Submarine -
Modern Machine Tools 1,250,000 Steel, Tactics Artillery Cannon
Modern Flight 3,000,000 Combustion, Theory of Gravity Fighter Colossus
Modern Automobile 3,500,000 Combustion, Steel Super Highways, Battleship Leonardo's Workshop
Modern Miniaturization 5,000,000 Electronics, Machine Tools Offshore Platform -
Modern Radio 7,500,000 Electricity, Flight Airport -
High-tech Mobile Warfare 10,000,000 Automobile, Tactics Barracks III, Armor Barracks II, Cavalry, Sun Tzu's War Academy
High-tech Mass Production 10,000,000 Automobile, The Corporation Mass Transit -
High-tech Advanced Flight 20,000,000 Machine Tools, Radio Bomber, Carrier, AWACS -
High-tech Recycling 25,000,000 Democracy, Mass Production Recycling Center -
High-tech Nuclear Fission 25,000,000 Atomic Theory, Mass Production - Manhattan Project
High-tech Labor Union 25,000,000 Guerilla Warfare, Mass Production Mechanized infantry -
High-tech Computers 40,000,000 Mass Production, Miniaturization Research Lab, SETI Program -
High-tech Rocketry 50,000,000 Advanced Flight, Electronics SAM Battery, AEGIS cruiser, Cruise missile, Nuclear Cruiser
High-tech Nuclear Power 75,000,000 Electronics, Nuclear Fission Nuclear Plant -
High-tech Combined Arms 100,000,000 Advanced Flight Helicopter, Paratroopers -
High-tech Robotics 150,000,000 Computers, Mobile Warfare Manufacturing Plant, Howitzer Artillery, King Richard's Crusade
High-tech Laser 200,000,000 Mass Production, Nuclear Power SDI Defense -
Space Space Flight 250,000,000 Computers, Rocketry Space Structural, Apollo Program -
Space Plastics 500,000,000 Refining, Space Flight Space Component -
Space Superconductors 750,000,000 Laser, Nuclear Power Space Module -
Space Environmentalism 1,000,000,000 Recycling, Space Flight Solar Plant -
Space Stealth 1,000,000,000 Advanced Flight, Superconductors Stealth fighter, Stealth bomber Bomber, Fighter
Space Fusion Power 1,000,000,000 Nuclear Power, Superconductors - -

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In der Zeit der Erkundung könnten noch Kirchen oder Gebetshäuser ergänzt werden.

Handwerksgilden könnten die Produktivität in der Zeit der Erkundung und Handwerkskammern die Produktivität in der Zeit des Schießpulvers steigern. 

Gebäude aus vergangenen Zeiten könnten ihre Wirkung verlieren und dafür einen Kulturellen Bonus geben.