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Improving the game

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Improving the game

So, after playing for a while i thought: mmh, this is getting a (little) boring. so i came up with some (atleast i hope) simple ideas to improve gameplay.

1: rare rescources:

            things like diamonds,titanium... these would be rare so people will battle for them because they give u a huge boost.

            maybe exp springs or science temples (these would defenitly create huge wars)

2: new AI structures.

    things like trading posts(science for gold),pirates(making shipping settlers/troops harder.

3: AI villages

   these would come in 2 types,friendly and hostile

       friendly: trading routes,protection against enemy players

       hostile: these would make serious enemies so players will unite to conquer a continent from a strong hostile city!

           (these would be a few lvls higher than the average player city and the surrounding terrain would hold more or rarer rescources)

             edit: maybe they can spawn AI troops to attack players ?

(sorry for bad grammar)

Gábor Auth
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At the momement we are not planning any AI in the game (except the city governor or something similar assistance), but the rare resources is a good idea! :)