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Result of the second world

The second world has been ended today, the results of the world is:

Number of units:
1. Icarium's: 251
2. mj's: 164
3. Franko's: 152
4. Gorun's: 149
5. beezle's: 104
6. tangbod's: 93
7. Zinbad x12's: 81
8. tomas's: 72
9. mit's: 62
10. Mexcor's: 48

Number of cities:
1. mj's: 64
2. Franko's: 45
3. Zinbad x12's: 29
4. tomas's: 19
5. Icarium's: 17
6. tangbod's: 17
7. Bigben's: 14
8. Mexcor's: 12
9. mit's: 11
10. Gorun's: 11

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Great battle

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship... or... an epic battle... :)

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Occupy cities

You can occupy cities from NOW if the city of your enemy is empty! smile emoticon

But! We have two big and blocker issue about the occupy of cities:
- currently you need to reload the game because of the occupy method is not implemented on the client side yet!
- you need to move out your unit from the occupied city to access the overview of the city dialog.

We are working hard on both of issues, stay tuned! :)

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Our website has been started!

One small step for us, one giant leap for our community! :)

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Great! 950 players, 4685 units, 455 cities on same map... aaaand 15 units lost in battle!

Leaderboard coming soon, stay tuned! Thank you guys! :)

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First Android application

Our first Android application is on the Google Play! :)



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